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Facts and Features

  • Developed by Popcannibal in Boston.
  • Releasing on Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam in 2024.
  • Sequel to the BAFTA winning Kind Words (lo-fi chill beats to write to)
  • Includes a remade version of the original Kind Words.
  • Real people. No bots. Totally anonymous.
  • No user ids or personal info collected or allowed.
  • New soundtrack by Slay the Spire and Kind Words 1 composer Clark Aboud.
  • Good vibes.

Short Description

A game about being kind to real people. Send encouraging letters from your cozy room, wander outside and say hi to your neighbors, swap recommendations, dress up for the poetry slam and add your dreams to a sky full of wishes. Join a community of real people with their hearts on their sleeves.

More About Popcannibal Here