A chance to be kind to real people

Kind Words 2 is a place to be yourself without worrying about fitting in. It's a social space with no followers, no likes, no subscribing.

Kind Words players have written each other over 5 million letters, expressing worries and comforting each other. It won a BAFTA and is one of the best reviewed games on Steam.

Kind Words 2 includes an improved version of the original and a whole lot more!

Tell a neighbor how your day is going!

Get all dressed up!

Attend a poetry slam at the cafe!

Take a minute for yourself.

Tell stories! Swap recommendations for music and shows! Write extra long letters! Trade life tips! Make wishes on the night sky stars!

Kind Words 2 includes a re-made version of the original Kind Words. Every room has been polished and the UI has been redone for much greater accessibility. If you played Kind Words, all your old letters and favorites are waiting for you in Kind Words 2. Swap letters and stickers with players of either game!

This is a chance to care and be cared for by real people in a video game.
Sometimes all you need are a few kind words.

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